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May 20, 2023 Comments (15) Logging sites, News & Announcements, Trails- Open and Closed

Trail Updates Open/Closed

trail-closed PLEASE READ!! We have updated trails that are currently OPEN or CLOSED in the Keweenaw Peninsula. STAY OFF CLOSED TRAILS!!! Closed trails are marked and barricaded for your safety. DO NOT remove or drive around barricades on trails, please seek an alternate route, you will be ticketed by the Sheriffs or DNR if you are caught on a closed trail.  And please remember, the majority of our trail system is not owned by the state or county, they are easements through PRIVATE PROPERTY, if you are driving off the trail to avoid barricades you are trespassing and private property owners have the right to withdraw their easement at any time resulting in the loss of that section of trail.

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Keweenaw ATV Club With the DNR< wanted to provide an update of trail progress and conditions to date. The trail conditions at present are: OPEN

  • Hancock to Calumet Trail B (Jack Stevens) and everything north is presently open.
    The only closed trails, are the North Freda trail. And the trail from Dollar Bay to Lake Linden.

    We have had a lot of good Volunteers doing trail maintenance. There is both the economic and public safety aspect that we are working on.

    We will update all of you as further information becomes available.

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    1. Profile photo of Matt Pasella Matt Pasella says:


    2. Profile photo of james bell james bell says:

      Are we in a position to update the trail map? Perhaps after the July 13,2020 meeting. Getting into the summer fall ATV season now with members like me planning UP rides! Would be great if we could eventually get visibility into trails leading to the Houghton/Hancock area as well.

    3. Profile photo of Phil Goldner says:

      Good afternoon,

      Can you please tell me if Trail 3 that goes up to Brockway Mountain is open? Also, can ATV’s drive on the road going up to Brockway Mountain from Copper Harbor?

      Thank you.

    4. Hi Is the trail to Gay from Phoenix still closed? Is there an alternate way to get to Gay?


    5. Profile photo of Kitty Beleck Kitty Beleck says:

      No sorry we do not at this time.

    6. Profile photo of Phil Goldner Phil Goldner says:

      Hi Kitty,

      The interactive map is not showing the trail closures nor does it tell me what numbers/letters they are. Is there a way to get a map online that shows the labels?

      Thank you.


      • Profile photo of Kitty Beleck Kitty Beleck says:

        Hi have you looked at the dnr web site. Our map only shows you the washed out trails. The description of closed trails are written out. The main trail is closed to Copper harbor. Also the lake Linden trail is closed. Sorry

    7. Is there anyone in the atv club who is good at updating the latest visual maps of open and closed areas In Keweenaw? I understand you have the updated written ones but I am a visual person and I don’t know the keweenaw area like the back of my hand like others do, so written descriptions can be difficult. As little as it has changed in the way of closures, I don’t think it would take that much time for a map/computer savvy person to do a visual update every once in awhile. I understand this is all voluntary as far as the club goes but it would be nice to reach out to members and ask at the next meeting. Thank you. From Rochester Michigan.

    8. Profile photo of Phil Goldner Phil Goldner says:

      Good evening,

      Are the trials open from Bete Grise up to High Rock Bay?

      Thank you.


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