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Trail Updates Open/Closed

March 4, 2020 Comments (0) Lgging sites, Trail Maintenance



When approaching logging activity it can be very dangerous for both riders and equipment operators. Logging operators have very limited visibility and may not be able to see an ATV or snowmobile!! Do not assume they can see you.

Logging trucks AND logging equipment ALWAYS have the right of way.

If you encounter trucks or equipment, pull off the trail to a safe location and wait for the truck or equipment to clear the roadway.

If the road is posted as closed, that means the trail is closed temporarily. KEEP OUT of the site.

This trail is being allowed to remain open, as a result of the Landowner wanting to work with the community. If these expectations are abused, the entire trail system will be in danger of being lost forever.

This is a WORKSITE – not a forest!!

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