Letter of Support to Save Hancock – Lake Linden – Calumet Route

We need to insure the rebuilding of the ATV/Snowmobile trail system in Lake Linden, Hancock, and Calumet as well as the Freda Grade from the recent damaging rains in our area.

The Portage Health Foundation is seeking your help in securing state and/or federal funds to repair our damaged trail systems. Letters of support are needed in how these trails affect you, your community, your business, tourism recreational use, and your own recreational use.   Please take the time to fill out the form and state how the loss would affect you, your business, or the area in whole.

Due to the high costs of repair from the storm damage (estimated at $20 million), the concern of the Keweenaw ATV Club and others is that decisions will be made NOT TO REBUILD THE DAMAGED TRAILS.  Please help is in preventing this from happening by filling out a short form to provide a letter of support to the Portage Health Foundation.

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