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April 18, 2020 Comments (2) News & Announcements

Nomination For Land Acquisition


The Keweenaw ATV Club in cooperation with the Keweenaw Economic Development Alliance, Keweenaw Chamber of Commerce, American Forrest Management Inc, and TRG Threshold Timber Michigan II LLC would like your assistance in nominating 15,400 +/- acres of  land, owned by TRG near the tip of  the Keweenaw Peninsula as well as 23 miles of trail easement from Mohawk tho the property considered in the sale, to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Trust Fund for public purchase.

Nominating this land for purchase by the state will insure continued recreational access to this large piece of of the Keweenaw.  A sale of this property to any other individual, company, or conservancy may limit or eliminate public access to this property.

To nominate the land for purchase please click on the Keweenaw Point Nomination Form link below, the PDF form is filled out except for lines 1 (Your name and address) and 13. Fill out these two sections and print the form then sign and date the bottom. Also print the two map files listed below. THEY MUST BE INCLUDED WITH THE NOMINATION FORM! Mail your printed nomination form and 2 printed map files to:

Grants Management
Michigan Dept of Natural Resources
PO BOX 30425
Lansing, MI 48909-7925

Nomination For Instructions

Keweenaw Point Nomination Form

TRG Potential Easement to State Point Map

TRG Sale to State Keweenaw Point Map

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    I just mailed my nomination form and maps

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