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March 27, 2021 Comments (0) Minutes of the KATV Club meetings, News & Announcements

Minutes of the September 14, 2020 Meeting

The meeting was held at the Vansville Bar in Phoenix, MI.
The meeting was called to order at 7:05 by Club President Daryl St.John. Other officers present were Sec./Tres. Julie Karvonen, Trus. Mike Panijan, and Ray Chase and Trails Maint. Supervisor. Mike McMahan.
The minutes of the August 3rd meeting were read by Daryl St.John and a motion to approve was made by Joanne Hannula, seconded by Faye McMahan, motion passed by the vote of the membership. Julie read the financial report- bank balance $5,911.00 with 37 Cooperate Sponsors and 282 voting members. Motion to approve was made by Ray Chase, seconded by Bob Boyce, motion passed by a vote of the membership.
Old Business:
a) Our Club ride was held on August 29th 2020, and it was a great day for a ride. Jimmer Dube led us through the Keweenaw to different points of interest then we returned to the Elks Club in Calumet for dinner.
b)The Grader is up and running! Roger Dukart, has been on the trail from Lake Linden and working his way North. We have about $1,100.00 left in the donation money, but we are expecting a couple more invoices for repairs.
c)The new Gratiot River Bridge is installed on Trail B (3) north of Mohawk. The cost to replace the bridge was about $8540 and we had received $7724 in donations to help with the replacement costs. Volunteer/Members went out and installed the railings. Thank You for all your had work.
New Business:
a)Projects-20C01 Laurium Triangle done:$4200.20C02 Mayflower Rd. to the Rock Pile low bid was $16.060, work to begin later this week. 20C03 Trail BF (Eagle River) $9000 done. 20C04 grade from Mohawk to Phoenix, $4000. 20C05 grade BL (Kew. Mnt.) $4000. 20C06 Trail B near Cliff Drive. Culvert and trail work $7950. 20C07 Trail BI(Lac la Belle) $12000 by pass the steep hills. Reimbursements have been requested on the ones we were able too. TRG owns the property on part of the Lac La Belle trail and they will be doing some grading and fix the hill.
b)The trail from Lake linden to the Maple Leaf is being worked on with the new land owner and the snowmobile club. Ray Chase and Don Kauppi have been in contact with the new land owner and are trying to work it out.
c) We got word from Kevin Store that repair work will begin on the BD Trail(3) (Dollar Bay to Lake Linden) The DNR has applied for FEMA money and is hoping work will begin next summer.
d)Mandan to Clark Mine is done with logging. TRG has spent $90,000 on the trail only to Clark Mine to Maintain it., but there is twice the traffic so more grading maintenance is going to be needed on that section. Mr. Berry has noted that there are more Large Motor homes and Jeeps going through there, along with all other traffic.
Other notes:**There has been talk of asking the Keweenaw County Board to approve a road from Copper Harbor to High Rock Bay. It is a popular destination, would promote tourism. See if KORC will help with that plan**The Beaver have plugged up a 3′ culvert on Trail B (3) North of Mohawk, Looking for some one to trap the nuisance beaver.**The Landowners have expressed an interest in posting speed limits on the trails , but are unable to enforce them as all of our trails are on Private property.**Riders are still going around the gates. This posts a danger to the riders and the loggers. Please obey all signs on the trails, and stay out of active logging areas where trail trails are marked closed.

Next Meeting: Annual Meeting Oct 5, Cliff View.


The Oct 5,2020 meeting was cancelled because of the rise in Covid-19. It was not held until March 15,2021

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