Minutes of the Sept. 1 2021 Meeting


November 28, 2021 Comments (0) Minutes of the KATV Club meetings

Minutes of the October 4, 2021 Meeting

The Keweenaw ATV Club meeting was held at the VFW Hubbell.

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 by Club President Daryl St.John Other officers present were Secretary/Treasurer Julie Karvonen, Trustees Mike Panijan, and Ray Chase and Trails Maintenance Supervisor Mike McMahon.

The minutes of the September 1,2021 meeting were read by Daryl St.John and a motion to approve was made by Ray Chase, seconded by Mike Panijan, motion passed by the vote of the membership. Julie read the financial report-bank balance $11,478.89 with 33 cooperate sponsors and 234 voting members. Motion to approve was made by Faye McMahon, seconded by Jim Dube, motion passed by a vote of the membership.

Old Business:

a) Projects- We were able to use up all of the 2019 grant and all but 3600$ of the 2020. The 2021 Grant money has been extended into the next year.
b) Fall ride- The ride took place on Saturday Sept. 25th. It was a little wet but no compaints from the riders. Thank You Jim Dube for leading the ride.

New Business:

a)LL Trail Rebuild- The money, about $4 million, has been approved for trail repair. Engineering should be done by this fall and work should start next spring, Mike and Daryl had taken a few State Reps out on the trail to see the Fathers Day Flood Damage.
b)We are going to start working on the upcoming Trail Map. Letters will be sent out to request sponsers for map ads. Bob and Carla Banfeild volunteered to do the follow up calls.
c)Holiday party ideas- we will check with different places to find costs/availability for our dinner.
d)Increase Membership dues-Raising the memberships was discussed and we will work on it more in the future. Compared to other clubs our membership is very minimal and hasn’t been increased in years.
e) Gina Nichols talked to the Club about the importance of keeping our Trail system out of the hands of private individuals and keep it on the Keweenaw County tax rolls. There is no place like the Keweenaw, and need to keep it intact and open for recreation. The Land Company has the property for sale and the DNR is dragging their feet to purchase the trail right of ways. Foreign investors are our threat. If one person bought a parcel they could block off the entire route.
f) Gay Trail- Still working on and getting the signed permit. It is getting closer to being issued.

Questions and Comments from the floor:

Next meeting Mon Nov. 1st 2021 VFW Hubbell


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