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Monthly meeting 10/04/2021

August 8, 2021 Comments (0) Club Meetings, Minutes of the KATV Club meetings

Minutes of the July 6th 2021 meeting.


The meeting was held at the VFW Post in Hubbell Mi. The meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m. by Club President Daryl St.John. Other officers present were Vice Pres. Kitty Beleck Secretary/Treasurer Julie Karvonen, Trustees Mike Panijan and Ray Chase, and Trails Maintenance Supervisor Mike McMahon.

The Minutes of the June 7th, 2021 meeting were read by Daryl St.John. A motion to approve was made by Faye McMahon, seconded by Glenn Dupuis. Julie read the financial report, Current balance is $16,435.14 with 32 Corporate sponsors, and 216 voting members. A motion to Approve was made by Ken Dulong, seconded by Gordy Wetelainen, motion passed by a vote of the membership.

Old Business:
a) Up coming projects- trail repair/maintenance projects will be going out for bids, dead lines are quickly approaching and we have lots of money to use up.
b) Still looking for more volunteers to do the required trail maintenance. Trail maintenance is done twice a year, before Memorial Day and Labor Day. Cutting brush, making notes of any repairs that need to be done etc.
c) Mike has been talking to the people from Discovering about our Club and we are trying to get more notice again.

New Business:
a) The Club will purchase donation boxes that will be placed at area businesses to try to raise money to help cover the cost of the Grader operation. The boxes have a spot to put a header with different inserts.
b)an email will be sent to Rep Markkinen to invite him to attend our next meeting and to hopefully discuss the possible DNR land purchase.
c) Lake Linden Trail work- Mike and Daryl talked to Ron Yesney from the DNR in regards to a time line to reopen the Lake Linden Trail. Mr. Yesney says that the project is hopefully going to be started in the summer of 2022 completed by the end of 2022. We will follow up again with Stacey from the DNR and will try to keep everyone informed of the project. Also discussed the trail use between ORV and Snowmobile and there be set specific dates for trail use for each.
d) Keweenaw County Board of Commissioners is urging the State to move forward with the Purchase of the trail system in the Keweenaw. Keeping the trail system open is very important to our economy.
e) Gay Trail from Phoenix- Ryan Laforte from Longyear Corp. attended our meeting and will check into the delay of the land use permit for the trail.
f) Other News- * Ray Chase informed the Club that the new snowmobile groomer building in Calumet has begun construction. It is located on the trail just south of Calumet.
* Grant Twp. has purchased and installed signs on the Trails by Clark Mine warning “Caution extreme rough road” as to alert divers of motor homes and highway vehicles that this area is designed for ORV use only.
*BL Trail – (Keweenaw Mnt Lodge) will be closed for logging.
*Kitty had the printer make up decals for our Grader with our name on them. Riders have stopped along the trail and talked with Rodger as he has been working on the trail. She also Ordered ATV Hand books to be distributed at area businesses.
* The DNR has been working on the beaver problems on Trail B by the Potato Barn and also doing repair work on trail BD by Normand Road and Gas Plant road.
*DNR know owns the Houghton Douglass Falls, They will be applying for recreation grant to do some work before it is open to the public.
*Lake Linden to Gay Trail- Suggestions have been made for a trail route from Lake Linden to Gay along camp 4 road, and Post road but the property owner near the Maple leaf is selling his Property and has gated and closed the trail. If/When the property sells, we can revisit the trail route.

*Projects- We have many projects that we are hoping to complete this summer. Because of the short time frame we may not be able to get them all done but we will get as much done as possible. A couple culverts are needed between Seneca Lake and Mohawk, as well as a couple of culverts on the trail between Phoenix and Gratiot Lake Rd. We will finish up the Lac La Belle project as well as add gravel and grad the trails where needed.

Next Meeting will be August 2, 2021 at the VFW Hubbell

Adjourn 7:50

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