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August 8, 2022 Comments (0) Minutes of the KATV Club meetings

Minutes of the July 11th 2022 Meeting.

The Keweenaw atv Club meeting was held at the Hubbell VFW Post in Hubbell.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 by club president Daryl St John. Other officers present were Vice president Kitty Beleck, Secretary/Treasurer Julie Karvonen, Trustee Mike Panijan and Trails Maintanece Supervisor Mike McMahon.

The minutes of the June 6th meeting were read by Daryl St John and a motion to approve was made by Ken Dulong, seconded by Bob Banfeild, motion passed by a vote of the membership Julie read the financial report- bank balance $30,276 with 30 corporate sponsers and 237 voting members. Motion to approve was made by John Laitinen seconded by Faye McMahon, motion passed by the vote of the membership.

Old Business:

a) Picnic- Our picnic was held on June 25th at Chopp Park in Ahmeek. The Ahmeek Fire Department set up their big tent for us and also allowed us to use their tables and chairs.We had around 100 people there and it was a good day despite the rainy weather.

b) Lake Linden Trail- Matt Torino is overseeing the repair project and is currently on hold over some permit issues. Work cannot start until all the permits are signed.

c) Gay Trail still working on.

d) Line of credit- the bank still needs a couple more things before it can be approved. The contact we have at the bank was out of town for the holiday.

New business:

a) Projects- we have about 16 projects we are hoping to do this season. There are six out on bids right now and will be awarded on Monday and hopefully work can start shortly thereafter.

b) The Keweenaw Search and Rescue is still looking for volunteers. They need volunteers for all different types of rescue but would like the ATV Club members help especially for searching for lost riders/hikers. Please contact the Keweenaw County Sherriff office for more information.

c) The DNR and KORC are working on a trail from High Rock to the State Police Tower in Copper Harbour. They need to get easements and permits to ride along the highway. Fort Wilkins would like to become a ‘Ride In’ campground.

d) Montreal Medows project- Mike McMahon met with Scott Whitcomb from the DNR and voiced his concerns about the delays in repairing the trail thru the Montreal Meadows. After explaining that we have the permits for culvert installation but keep getting delayed from local DNR. Scott had Stacey set up a vidio call on July 7th between the Club and the DNR to try to resolve the issue. At the conclusion of the call, it was said to just get the project done. Kristine from Discovering is going to come up here next week to do am aerial video of the project for the DNR to see exactly what needs to be done in that area. The section is a crucial area to our trail system and it needs to stay open to keep the flow of traffic to the north end.

Other notes: The contractors are having a hard time findingrock in the Keweenaw for the Trails. Bud Cole has a rock pile on his land and will allow contractors to use it for our trail maintanece. *Paul Tomasi who owns the land behind the old White House Bar, would like us to place some large rock barriers on the edge of his property to keep out unwanted riders. * The Hubbell VFW is selling engraved paving bricks for $50 to raise money to make a VFW memorial. The Memorial will be across the highway in the park adjacent to the Fire Hall. * The Club is going to have a group ride up to Copper Harbour this Saturday to attend the End of the Road Car Show. Riders will meet at the Vansville bar at 8:30-9:00 a.m

Questions/Comments from the floor:

Next meeting: Aug. 1 2022 VFW Hubbell


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