Minutes of the March 7/2022 Meeting

May 13, 2022 Comments (0) Minutes of the KATV Club meetings

Minutes of the April 4th Meeting

The meeting was held at the VFW Post in Hubbell.

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 by Trails Maintenance Supervisor Mike McMahon. Other officers present were Vice President Kitty Beleck, Sec/Tres. Julie Karvonen, Trustee Mike Panijan, and Ray Chase.

The minutes of the March 4,2022 meeting were read by Mike McMahon and a motion to approve was made by Ryan Laporte, seconded by John Laitinen, motion passed by a vote of the membership. Julie read the financial report-bank balance $18,699.31 with 26 cooperate sponsors and 201 voting members. Motion to approve was made by Bob Boyce, seconded by Faye McMahon, motion approved by the vote of the membership.

Old Business:
a) Map Ads-We have sold 61 of the 74 spaces on the map.
b)MISORVA-The Club was eligible to apply for part ,$15,000 of a $1.5 million grant. We have applied for funding of tools, storage shed, and a trailer to use to transport machinery.
c)Aetna Mine proposed trail- the proposed trail was approved by Eric Stier but will need to still follow DNR specs which requires a 5 year lease to obtain a bridge funding grant.

New Business:
a)Trail Maintenance needs to be completed by Memorial Day- The DNR is aware of the amount of snow still on the trail and the issue will be addressed as needed.
b)KORC trail Clean up is set for May 21,2022 As a Club, we are designated to work on trail B, North of Mandan.
c)There is a need for Trail Crossing signs on the Highway in areas where ATV trails cross the road. Once this is designated, the state may pay for the signs to be installed.
d)The owners of the new Ahmeek Campground are looking to gain trail access on the old trail leading into Mohawk. Mike McMahon is working with them to get land use permits.
e)The Club is trying to establish a Scramble area on the trail in the Silver Mine area. It would be a place for riders to ride sand hills and “play”. We would like to try to get this established before the land is sold.
f)The Club received a $7,500 grant from Rite Rider Access fund for money to help offset grader costs. Big thanks to Kitty for applying for this grant.
g)Mike asked Diamond House International to make up a new design to put on Jackets for Club advertisement. Members would be able to order their own apparel with the new design.
h)John Malnara from the Nature Conservancy is working on gathering info for the Keweenaw land purchase. There was a meeting with reps. from each group-fishing, hunting, trapping, bikes, ATV and snowmobile to establish how the land will be managed after change of ownership. People are concerned how different sports (like hunting and fishing) will be handled with the new purchase. People need to speak up now as to what they want to happen.
They also talked with the Sheriff office with concerns of who will be in charge of the Search and Rescue for the Keweenaw. also the Sheriff’s office is getting a new all season rescue vehicle.

Questions and Comments from the floor:

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