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August 18, 2020 Comments (0) Minutes of the KATV Club meetings, News & Announcements

Minutes of July 13th 2020 Meeting

The meeting was held at the Maple Leaf Bar in Lake Linden.

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 by Club President Daryl St. John. Other officers present were Secretary/Treasurer Julie Karvonen, Trustees Mike Panijan, And Ray Chase and Trails Maintenance Supervisor Mike McMahon.

The minutes of the March 9th meeting were read by Daryl St. John and a motion to approve was made by Joanne Hannula, seconded by Steve Renn, motion passed by vote of the membership. Julie read the financial report-bank balance $25,976.14 with 37 corporate sponsors and 257 voting members. Motion to approve was made by Faye McMahon, seconded by Mona Englund, motion passed by vote of the membership.

Old Business:
a) Grader- The Club did purchase a new Grader from Roger and Lester Dukart. Thank You J.P’s for the great deal on tires, Dukart’s for getting the grader up and running smoothly,and now we will get it out on the trail to get some work done.

b) Gay Trail Signs- The last time we had contacted them, we were told it was “at the Lawyers” Still waiting for an update. Representative Markinen will try to contact Longyear and ask what’s holing up the section of trail we need approved to make our trail complete.

c) Markinen- We also told Markinen about our issue of signs being vandalized/removed from the trail. Removed signs can cause dangerous issues for riders, especially riders who are not familiar with our trails. There were 19 signs down between Calumet and Mohawk. Markinen is also pushing for work to be done on the Lake Linden Trail. He suggested the Club get more involved with the repair project and work with contractors,bids, ects. The Club does not have the manpower, know how, or time to get that involved. We also do not want the risk of liability. We also asked Markinento check into the problem of having 50% of our 2020 Budget money released for use.

New Business:
a) Trail Closed- The Loggers will be moving into the Hoar Lake area this week, so it will be closed. The Main Trail B (From Phoenix to Gratiot River road.) Is back open.

b)Trail Work-* Lac la Belle, We are working on getting two culverts in this season. *Aetna Mine- looking to make a temporary reroute while main trail is closed, hoping for a permanent permanent trail in the future.*A culvert was pulled out on the Seneca trail on Sicklers property that need to be fixed. *KORC is wanting to make/build a campground at Schlatters Lake. Hykas has donated $4000 for the project. *There is a temporary reroute from Phoenix to Gratiot Lake Rd. while they are logging in that area. *State Forester Brad Caelson app;ied for $5000 From our grant money to do trail work from Clark Mine area to the corner by Schlatters Lake.

c) The Club maid a $750 donation to Keweenaw County Sheriff dept. to purchase an ATV rack and emergency supplies. They were denied funding for the purchase. The sheriff dept. works closely with the Club and does a great job monitoring the trail system. Mona Englund voted to approve the donation, Ray Chase seconded, donation approved by a vote of the membership.

d)Logging- Kitty ordered large signs that will be placed on the trail alerting riders of logging going on in the area. Please always use caution, ride safe and obey all signs. The Loggers always have the right away on the trails.

e)Gratiot River Bridge- The bridge over the Gratiot River, just a couple miles North of Mohawk, will be replaced. TRG owns the current bridge and will be taking it out. We can take the bridge from the Gay trail, add six feet and use that bridge in it’s place.

Questions/Comments from the floor: *High Rock- the property is owned by Anderson Logging and there is still active logging going on in the area. KORC is also trying to get the trail developed and hopes to get pit toilets at the point. *Dave Moyle has recently had some health issues, he is home and doing better, keep him

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