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Monthly Meeting 11/02/2020 Canceled

October 11, 2020 Comments (0) Minutes of the KATV Club meetings, News & Announcements

Minutes of August 3, 2020 Meeting

The Keweenaw ATV Club meeting was held at Millers Recreation in Laurium.
The meeting was called to order at 7:05 by Club President Daryl St.John. Other officers present were Vice President Kitty Beleck, Sec/Treas. Julie Karvonen Trustees Mike Panijan, Ray Chase and Trails Maintenance Supervisor Mike McMahon.

The minutes of the July 13th meeting were read by Daryl St. John and a motion to approve was made by Joanne Hannula seconded by Cliff Hannula, motion passed by a vote of the membership. Julie read the financial report-Bank balance $36,471.72 with 39 corporate sponsors and 269 voting members. Motion to approve was made by Bob Boyce, seconded by Cliff Hannula, motion passed by a vote of the membership.

Old Business:
a) Grader-the grader is up and running. Rodger Dukart has been working on the trail from Lake Linden headed north toward Copper City and then on to Phoenix.
b) Trail closures-Trail B Main trail near Mandan is closed for logging. There are more logging trucks out there working and it is just to dangerous to have riders out there. Please respect all gates and signs posted.
c) Gratiot River Bridge- The bridge is a couple miles north of Mohawk and was a borrowed bridge that the lnd company needed back. We replaced it with a bridge we already had elsewhere. Universal metal did some modifications to it.The bridge project was mainly funded with donations from I Ride The 906 Group and The Copper Harbor Improvement Association. (Wendell Canfield).

New Business:

a) Day ride- We will be having a day ride on August 29th, details will be announced later.
b) Eagle Harbor township sent us a thank you note telling us how much they appreciate all our hard work on the trails. The note also said they would like the ATV route into town labeled and use the same route as snowmobiles.
c) Trail B in Calumet needs to be rerouted between Heights Rd. and M-203. The DNR has been out there flagging the reroute and are hopping for it to be completed this riding season.
d) Brad Carlson (DNR) has used some of our DNR money to work on the trail by Slaughters Lake. The DNR donated three culverts and Hendrickson installed them. KORC and Hyrkas donated money to fix the trail and open it to the south side of the lake.

Questions/Comments from the floor: No word yet on the development of High Rock. We still have not been able to secure a land permit from Anderson Saw Mill. KORC will approach them to see if we can get an easement or sale of the land for a trail. KORC is looking to develop High Rock and have Pit Toilets, picnic tables, and garbage cans.

Next meeting: Sept. 14th at the Vansville Bar,


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