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Minutes of August 2,2021 Meeting


The Keweenaw ATV Club meeting was held at the VFW Post in Hubbell.

The Meeting was called to order at 7:10 by Club President Daryl St.John other officers present were Vice President Kitty Beleck, Secretary/Treas. Julie Karvonen, Trustees Mike Panijan, and Ray Chase and Trails Maintenance Supervisor Mike McMahon.
The minutes of the July 6th,2021 meeting were read by Daryl St.John and a motion to approve was made by Faye McMahon, seconded by Joanne Hannula, passed by the vote of the membership. Julie read the financial report- Bank balance $26,277.76 with 32 Cooperate sponsors and 216 voting members, Motion to approve was made by Ray Chase, seconded by Joanne Hannula, Motion passed by the vote of the membership.
Old Business:
a) Roger has been out with the grader on the trails. The trails are coming along pretty good.
b)The Club has purchased donation boxes, with the help of the Keweenaw Convention and Visitors Bureau, and they have been set up at local businesses around the area. The boxes will be collected at the end of the ATV season.
c) Gay Trail- The paperwork for the trail use permit is “moving along”. Hopefully we have something soon.
d) The Main Trail that was closed due to logging, Mandan area, should be open by the end of August.

New Business:
a) Confidence markers on the trails- there needs to be a state wide ordinance in effect so everyone is on the same page.
b) Trail Maintenance- Fall maintenance has to be done by Labor Day. Pleas eget your paper work back to Kitty, Julie, Mike, or Daryl. Thank you to all the volunteers that go out and do the maintenance. With more trails it means more work. THANK YOU!
c) State representative Greg Markkanen gave us an update on what was going on with the State and our Trails: He feels the hold up is all political. The funds are ready and available to repair the Lake Linden trail but it all needs to be approved through Lansing. Mike and Daryl took some State Representatives out to see the actual damage on the trail, they know the problem is there and needs to be fixed for economical reasons. Many businesses are hurt by the lack of a trail through the small towns that count on the riders frequenting their establishments. The Keweenaw County Land sale is also a political game. The Land Company would make a land swap with the DNR but it still needs to be :discussed”. Mr. Markkanen suggests that people need to contact the DNR and voice their concerns, they need public pressure. We need to get more info downstate- The Club should go down before the committee to plead our case,
d) Other topics: Discovering is going to be doing a show featuring the KATV Club. Mike and Daryl will take them out for a ride and show them our trails. “We heard about feedback after Mike and Daryl took the state reps. out for the ride showing the trail damage, Ed McBroom had no clue of the extent of the damage until he actually saw it. “Heard that the engineering is complete for the Lake Linden trail repair. *Motion was made by Faye McMahon to sell the unused brush hog, seconded by Joanne Hannula, motion was passed by the membership.
Questions/Comments from the floor:

Next meeting Wednesday Sept. 1-2021 VFW Hubbell

Adjourn 8:30

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