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Minutes, May 3rd. 2021 Meeting


The Keweenaw ATV Club meeting was held at the VFW Hall in Hubbell.

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 by Club President Daryl St.John. Other officers present were Vice President Kitty Beleck, Secretary/Treasurer Julie Karvonen, Trustee Mike Panijan, and Trails Maintenance Supervisor Mike McMahon.

The minutes of the March 15,2021 Annual meeting were read by Daryl St.John and a motion to approve was made by Mona Englund, seconded by Jim Hamlett, motion passed by the vote of the membership. The minutes of the March 15,2021 monthly meeting were read by Daryl St. John, a motion to approve was made by John Laitinen, seconded by Glenn Dupuis, motion was passed by the vote of the membership. Julie read the financial report- bank balance 12,644 with 32 Corporate sponsors and 198 voting members. Motion to approve was made by Mona Englund, seconded by Betty St.John, motion passed by a vote of the membership.

Old Business:

a)Maps- The previous years maps were reprinted with the trails updated with the new letter system. We felt we could not ask businesses to by ads after the recent years shut down. We will start in the fall to sell ads and have a new map printed next year.

b)Trail Maintenance- Kitty has the maintenance packets. Still need volenteers for Hoar Lake. Keweenaw Mountain and Hoar Lake to Copper Harbor. Adopt a trail as an individual or as a group. Maintenance is done twice a year, need to check that signs in place and visual and cut brush where needed and take notes on what is done. If you see an area that will need work in the future, please let us know so we can figure it in the next budget.

c)Projects- This summer the Club will spend all the Grant money from the last two years or we lose it. About $198,000.00 We will have lots of projects going on. Montreal Meadows-we turned the engineering money back to the DNR to reapply for the whole amount to cover the Engineering. Grant money needs to be spent in one year and there wasn’t enough money in our current budget to cover the whole cost. Beaver issues- As always there are a few areas on the trail that the beaver have plugged the culverts and the trails are flooded. Lac La Belle-Work will continue on the trail even tho the trail is shut down to riders at this time. Norman Road- The DNR will be doing some gravel work on the trail. Ripley- The trail will be shut down until July(date to be determined) to replace a culvert.

d)Other Discussions- *The garbage cans and toilets have been installed at High Rock. *There is a bad wash out on the trail by Thayers Lake on the way to gay. The problem needs to be taken care of before it gets to bad that is NOT a ATV trail. We are having delays getting the land use permit from Longyear. Mike and Daryl have talked to Eric from TRG, with hopes that he may be able to help us get it. *The Grader is in good shape, a dozer blade will be put on the front and will be ready in a couple of weeks. *Mike McMahon is working on getting the club featured on “Discovering”. Need to get the Club and trails recognized and a push for the State to purchase the land that the trails are on before we lose the trails to private individuals and the trails get shut down. *Sickler has sold the gravel pits to B&B Contracting. B&B will still be selling gravel that we use for trail repairs. * TRAIL SHUT DOWN- Daryl and Mike talked to Eric at TRG and the Mandan Trail will be shut down for the summer. Law enforcement will be giving tickets to riders that go around the gates, and in areas that it is posted closed. From Copper Harbor you can still go to Schlaters Lake, High Rock and Haor Lake. Please obey the signs.

New Business

a)Spring ride will be put off until fall. We will start planning at a later meeting. always open for suggestions of where members would like to ride to.

b)Annual Omega House Ride will take place on June 5th. Starting in Calumet and heading North.

Questions and comments from the floor:

Next meeting June 7th, VFW in Hubbell


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