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July 20, 2020 Comments (0) Minutes of the KATV Club meetings, News & Announcements

Mins. of March 9 Meeting

The meeting was held at the Drift Inn Bar in Copper City.

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 by Trails Maintenance Supervisor, Mike McMahon and a motion to approve was made by John Laitinen, seconded by Carol Wetellaien, motion passed by a vote of the membership. Julie read the financial report-bank balance 37,617.82 with 34 corporate sponsors and 201 voting members. Motion to approve was made by Sandra Kobe, seconded by Faye McMahon, motion passed by the vote of the membership.

Old Business: Grader- The Club has been given information in regards to a grader for sale by Roger and Lester Dukart. It is a Gallio,6 wheel, 4 wheel drive grader.Mike and Daryl will look it over and see if it is a good buy for the club.

New Business: Representative meeting- A meeting was held by the Houghton County Commissioners, KCVB, two state Reps. and the Rec Auth. And the Lake Linden Trail was one topic addressed at the meeting. During the discussion, It seems that there had been a major breakdown of communication between all parties involved. The state reps had no idea how hard we have worked on getting this trail and our total involvement as a Club,as to what we do. The Club will be putting together a letter to present to them to tell them of all our hard work. They do not understand that it is very important to us, visiting riders and local businesses that the trail be repaired and reopened. Being that this kind of occurrence is new to everyone, some misinformation about ownership, desire to reopen and even that the DNR did not know how to work with Fema led to many obstacles. We are all working to establish a better working relationship. recent estimates are: to Naturalize the trail, would cost approx. $4million and $5.2 to get it back to what it was.

KTS: Ray Chase gave us an update on the Keweenaw Snowmobile Service (Club): John Dee will resign as President of the KTS In July. Work will start on the new groomer building in Calumet Township as soon as the snow melts. The building will be on property acquired from Calumet Township and will house the groomers, area to work on them and a small office. It will be located South of Calumet just off the trail.

Mandan Trail: The trail will be closed for logging. We must remember that this is private property and that the Owners can close trails when needed.The Land Company is hoping to keep the trail open during logging with safety being a major concern. The Club is working on a new trail through the Aetna Mine which requires a bridge over the Montreal River. The Hoar lake trail may be closed for part of the summer for logging purposes.

DNR Trail Names: We have always referred to the Trails by the Snowmobile trail number. Our trails are now in LETTER form. The DNR believes this will be easier for riders to navigate the trail system. The main Trail from Hancock to Calumet to Copper Harbor is “B” trail. all trails that go off of it-Lake Linden, Eagle River Ect. will have 2 letters. B for the base trail with other letters to specify a off shoot trail: Eagle River is BF, Eagle Harbor BH, and so forth. New maps next year will have the new trail names and signs will be posted when received from the DNR.

Other News: LAKE LINDEN TRAIL (BD): from Hancock to Dollar Bay. Is now closed due to soil contamination at the site of Julios. The local Health Dept is working with the DNR to come up with a solution to contain the bad soil. GAY TRAIL(BE): The Club has been informed that the land use permit is at the lawyers office. We will send an email to follow up on it. ANNUAL DNR MEETING: The DNR talked about the upcoming trail Maintenance and the new grant paper work submittable app. MAGG
Discussed the name change the trails across the U.P to the letter system. GRATIOT RIVER BRIDGE: The bride collapsed on one side. KTS has left over funds that they will be donating to the club for bridge repairs. TRG has given us the use of a temporary bridge to use until we can get the current bridge repaired/replaced.

Questions/comments from the floor.

Next meeting will take place on April 6th at the Maple Leaf Bar in Bootjack.


(After this meeting our Governor shut down the state. The next meeting was just held on July 13th.)

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