Storm-ravaged trails recovery work continues in Houghton County


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A Year In Review 2019

To the Members and Supporters of the Keweenaw ATV Club,

Our construction window for the 2019 season was a narrow one because of delays in releasing our budget and an early snow fall, still, we were able to accomplish some notable tasks. the biggest project was the completion of the Fish Cove access trail and parking area. The shoreline is a short hike from the parking area, and the trail is restricted, no vehicles of any kind are allowed in order to protect the pristine shoreline. It is a beautiful area, worth the ride.  We also repaired the wash out at Phoenix where the trail to Eagle River intersects the Keweenaw main trail. The Keweenaw Mountain Lodge Trail has been cleared and signed and is now open during the ATV Season. Many other smaller repairs were done throughout the trail system.

We’re still pushing for the access permits for the Phoenix-Gay trail, and the High Rock Trail, and many other repair projects are being planned for the next season. We’re looking into replacing the bridge about a mile north of Mohawk,and the Snowmobile Club is working on replacing the bridge north of Central. We could not repair the triangle intersection on the main trail behind the Trailside Lodge, as we had hoped , due to funding restrictions, and we had high hopes in finally doing the upgrade along the Montreal Meadows but we did not receive the funding. We will continue planning and push for the permits and funds for the next season. The Lac La Belle trail was not completed as planned. Delays in planning and loss of funds limited what we could do. We  did install two new culverts in critical areas to prevent further erosion of the trail and should have additional funds for the next summer.

The biggest issue of the year was the closing of the Mandan trail for about a month due to logging in the area. To avoid closing a major trail, the intention was to leave the trail open and post “Active Logging” signs, with the belief that riders would give right of way to logging trucks and avoid the operating machinery. Well,  some people are not intelligent enough to recognize a dangerous situation. An operator was picking up logs and loading them when an ATV rider drove right under the log the operator was handling. Startled, the operator called in the incident and the land management company had no choice but to close a portion of the trail.

This led to some altercations between riders and loggers. Loggers were threatened with physical harm and the equipment would be damaged as well. The land management company had no choice and gated both ends of the lower Mandan trail to limit access until the logging was completed. if this behavior continues, we could lose the entire trail system.

Many people believe the trail system is owned by the State.NOT TRUE, almost all of our trails north of Calumet are on privately owned land. The ATV Club has land use  agreements with over 25 land owners from Calumet to Copper Harbor. TRG is by far the largest property owner with about 75% of the trail system on TRG land. Their management company, American Forest Management, has been a generous and helpful partner to the ATV Club with the development and maintenance of our trail system and continues to assist with future developments.

Our trail maintenance  volunteers did a great job again this year, insuring that the trails meet the DNR standards that allow us to apply for the grants to expand and repair our trail system.    With out the efforts of our volunteers, and the generosity of the land owners, the trail system would not exist. So, a big THANK YOU to the Volunteers, Land Owners, Member, Businesses, and other supporters that make this all possible. We are looking forward to a productive 2020 season, and we encourage riders, locals and visitors alike, to go out and enjoy the trails.

Ride safely and respect private property.



Daryl St.John(Pres.)                Kitty Beleck(Vic. Pres)

Julie Karvonen(Sec.-Treas.)   Mike McMahon (Trails Maint. Sup.)





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